Tommy — Service

Location: Saint Augustine, Florida

Tommy is a Neurological Service Adaptation Dog
There is no special license required for this. He is a service dog for me . Aside from some of my work assignments, he goes with me everywhere. Training has been quite difficult to find. He is my “Grounding dog” and is always there when I have a vestibular disturbance episode, which often causes me to fall and excuse extreme dizziness. There have been times where my vision and my hearing has been so disturbed my sensory misconception that he has lead me like a guide dog would.
I work with the Deaf population and the Deaf/Blind community. Through my work, I was lucky to find Joey Romer from Smart Paws who did some extra research to setup special training situations for Tommy and me.
I feel very much that Tommy and I have saved each other, because he was a shelter dog that was hit by a car twice at 3 weeks of age. Now he is as good as new! He has a calm disposition and is friendly with cats, people and other dogs.
We are blessed to have him and he is a Superhero for enduring what he has, including the trauma of working while going into cars and being around parking lots often.
We both vibe off of each others bravery.
I could not have done any of it without the loving support of my husband Tarik who has been an essential trainer for Tommy and my best friend
*I do have another certificates that he has been awarded