Trimble — Shelter

Location: Orange, Texas

Trimble was born in an abandoned house locked in with his mother and sibling and left to die. When the family was rescued their mother was extremely malnourished. It was quickly noticed that Trimble was different from his siblings. He shook- constantly. At only 3 weeks old it was difficult to find the diagnosis but was later diagnosed with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He also has seizures. His coordination was virtually non-existent. So, we began rehab. Over the last year, through countless hours, Trimble has learned to walk without the use of his wheelchair. He can even give high fives!
He has a never give up spirit that echoes through everything he does. No one every thought he would be able to walk. Although he is slow and methodical in his steps he does it. He perseveres through every obstacle – even the cat!

Through his story, Trimble has inspired thousands of people that special needs dogs are amazing companions. Like many humans with disabilities, he has chosen to rise above and embrace what makes him unique. Every day is not always a good day, but everyday he always tries his best. He has visited with special needs children to inspire them to “Be Intentional” in their lives and live with purpose. Through the support of his followers, we have started a rescue organization aimed at special needs rescue and emptying shelters.

As his mom, he inspires me everyday. I am a better person because of him. He truly is a gift and blessing.