Triton — Shelter

Location: Woodland, California

Triton is an 8-year-old German Shepherd who inspires everyone he meets by constantly overcoming the odds. He was turned over to a public shelter at a few weeks old, no mother or siblings, and a badly malformed front limb. At high risk to be euthanized, he was rescued by a private shelter. They amputated his left front humerus when he was 3 months old, and he went home with me that day.

A stellar puppy, he went outside under his own power the day after the surgery, at the height of rainy season, and has never looked back! He healed well and became a neighborhood favorite at the dog park and everywhere else he went. He was especially intriguing to kids who did not understand his missing limb. They all became very attached to him when they heard his story.

At his first annual exam, the vet was shocked to find extreme evidence of congenital joint issues on xray (elbow/hip dysplasia; subluxed hips/knees). He had shown no outward signs of pain during the exam, just his own unique bunny hop gait. The vet was not optimistic that Triton would make it past 2 years old. Triton had other ideas ! He had multiple major surgeries over the next two months (scapula amputation; elbow surgery; FHO left hip); has gone to therapy twice a week for the past 7 years (acupuncture, laser, exercise, herbs, oils, supplements); and overcome any setbacks through his unbreakable spirit and the help of vets, techs and friends. He has done rehab demos for RVT’s and kids and is a people magnet. My hero !!

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