Tucker — Search and Rescue

Location: Camarillo, California

Tucker was rescued from the Yolo County shelter (northern Calif) at 5 months old. He was a lab mix, had a lean body, long gangly legs, big feet and enormous ears. He seemed like a great Candidate for a search dog. He was very toy driven (which is a good thing), focused and ready to go. He arrived in Ojai at the Search Dog Foundation and began his training in stamina and drive. Tucker managed to navigate any terrain to retrieve a toy, rubble piles, unsteady pallets and unfamiliar surfaces. He showed real joy on his face when he was ‘working’. He At 7 months he was ready for formal training In Gilroy and was paired with his Handler Keri Grant in January 2010, a firefighter/paramedic with the McKinney Fire Dept (Texas). He easily fit in with her family and their other animals. Handlers and dogs share a special bond that no one else knows. They are together 24/7 and are deployed on many dangerous missions. Tucker and Kari continued to sharpen their skills and they passed their State Urban Search & Rescue (SUSAR) Type II Certification test in December 2010. Six months later they achieved SUSAR Type I certification, making them ready for any regional disaster where lives can be saved. They were deployed 5 times from 2013-2015. Tucker proved himself over and over again. He was so focused on finding people and saving lives he didn’t even want to stop to rest or drink or eat. He is the ultimate ‘Rescued to Rescuer’.