Tucker — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Westminster, Massachusetts

Our dog tucker has been a valuable part of our family and business for nearly 15 yrs. he represents his breed with the best disposition & personality ever. A lot of people are afraid of large dogs & tucker makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. He has trained all of his pack, 5 additional large dogs of mostly different breeds and multiple other animals. Tucker has lived with 2 primates that treated all the dogs like toys, tucker has had puppies, baby squirrels, a baby deer for friends and he has never had an aggressive word with any of them, he has only reprimanded or issued a behave order with his tone or look. When my father in law was in a nursing home we were able to bring Tucker to visit him and other patients who had their days extremely brightened by Tucker’s happy , loving attitude for every one and everything. Tucker has been my husbands constant work companion for nearly his entire life, we just recently had to stop the long days in the truck due to his being sore and arthritic. Tucker has been on jobs at people’s homes and been a wonderful mascot for our business and his breed. Tucker injured both of his ACL’s and has had major surgery twice , at age 4 and age 7 , and throughout both recoveries he was still a wonderful , good natured dog. We know he is now aging rapidly , but he has made our home , life, business, and family so much better for knowing him all these years. I would love for him to be recognized for the wonderful being he is!