Tyson — Service

Sponsor: Lulu’s Fund
Location: East Providence, Rhode Island

Tyson is my bestfriend ! I was never a dog person , I have four cats . Within the last two years I was diagnosed with lymes disease along with having a few other illnesses . My fiancée and I adopted Tyson off a Facebook page and traveled 3-4 hours to New York to get him . As soon as he got home at just 6 weeks old we started basic training . At just 3 months old Tyson was in the mall doing public access training . However now he is just an in home Service dog as he gets overwhelmed in overly crowded places . He’s now a year and a half old and still in training but he knows many many things ! He learns so incredibly fast and he gives me motivation to want to get up every morning and train . Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good (ha border collies ) ! He’s my Velcro dog and never ever leaves my side , from following my every single step around our small apartment to not having to be on a lead outside because he won’t leave my side . I feel as if every person in the world needs a dog . They give you a reason and a purpose and they just make every day better . They love you so unconditionally and I’m forever thankful for my right hand man.

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