Vader — Law Enforcement

Location: Haworth, Oklahoma

I am nominating my dual purpose K9 because in my opinion he has not only been working as a police k9, but has helped departments and officers at the Rattan Police Department in Rattan, Oklahoma, learn how to read a dog and how to choose a dog. Vader started the K9 program at my department. I trained him from 7.5 months old til he certified at 12 months of age. To him it is not a job, it is fun. He is always ready to go. He has found narcotics on the job, but currently has not gotten a street bite, but has continued to protect myself and fellow officers. We not only patrol the streets, but we work at our school to help prevent bullying and to prevent potential active shooter or danger from entering our school. We also help gain children’s trust because of Vader. Kids that may have been scared or did not like police now like us because of Vader. Vader and I want to continue educating and making a positive impact on our community as we protect and serve.