Vera — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Vera is a nine-years-young English Labrador Retriever that loves life. We became registered as a Therapy Team in November of 2016, seven months after I adopted her in April of that year. Vera is a quiet girl who brings joy to absolutely everyone she meets, and the word ‘stranger’ is not in her vocabulary. She loves people, always choosing them over a fellow dog.

Vera excels as a Therapy Dog regardless of the environment, and she always seems to know just what everyone needs. At the nursing home, her signature move is to sit, leaning against the side of their chair, and rest her chin on the person’s lap, all the while gently nudging her nose under their hand. She relishes those moments, and knows just how to connect with the people she interacts with.
We also visit libraries and school reading programs, helping children from elementary to middle school become more confident in their reading proficiency. Here, she turns on the personality and provides entertainment as well! She’s perfectly content to serve as a pillow or simply a listener, and is always glad to provide a belly for rubbing.

Vera is not only an amazing Therapy Dog for others, but she is for me as well. As a busy veterinary student, my stress levels can be high and Vera provides comfort whenever I need her.

Vera embodies all the characteristics of a perfect Therapy Dog: gentle, kind, tolerant, predictable, able to read a situation, and above all, loving.