Vinny — Shelter

Location: Oroville, California

Vinny is one of our two rescue dogs. However, he is definitely extraordinary. When he got here, he acted totally normal, until about two weeks in, when he started chasing his tail. While that sounds normal, it isn’t normal for a dog to do it all day and night, not stopping even to eat. We obtained him from a family who lost their home in the Camp Fire, so he was already incredibly thin due to lack of food. Now, he was losing all of the weight we had put onto him by constantly running. His heart was beating so fast that we thought he would die. He’d literally run and run in circles until he passed out from exhaustion. We had no clue what to do. We took him to the vet and they said they had no idea. A behaviorist diagnosed him with OCD. We didn’t have the funds to keep him, as he would need constant medications and appointments. The Family was devastated. We asked anyone we could possibly think of, and we finally found someone willing to give free advice. Within a few days of training him, his OCD began to diminish. He is now a perfectly normal dog, just like before, and we love having him here. People wanted to put him down, but we didn’t quite give up on him, and he struggled his way to a great outcome.

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