Wilbur — Shelter

Location: Wellford, South Carolina

The first time I met Wilbur, he was in a shelter in Greenville, SC after being surrendered by his owner. I was there to pick him up for the rescue that stepped up for him. He was terribly skinny and seemed to have had a very hard outdoor dog life.
He had an indifferent demeanor and really showed no emotion. I loaded him up and brought him to my kennels. The second day he was there, I noticed he had urinated in his kennel during the night and it was almost pure blood. I loaded him right away and took him to the vet. He was so tired, weak and weary. Numerous tests were run and he was treated for a urinary tract infection which improved greatly with his meds. A new toy playing dog emerged. His loving, sweet personality came through and we spent much of the day together.
Several days later, he collapsed in the kennels. Another trip to the vet revealed an obscenely large spleen. He needed emergency surgery and was so weak the vet said he may not survive.
I told Wilbur if he would live, that I would love him the rest of his life.
With odds against him, he survived surgery and has recovered. He lives in my home and is a spokesdog for the rescue that took a chance on saving him as well as spokesdog of my kennels.
His story is known by many and he encourages people to take a chance to love old, sick dogs.
He’s healed me as much as he himself has healed and he is my Hero Dog.

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