Willie — Shelter

Location: Windsor, South Carolina

I adopted Willie from the shelter two years ago as a senior dog, I decided to adopt when I lost my long time best friend of 8 years Sasha a pit bull. I walked past Willie quite a few times due to his age. My mother suggested to give him a look, my 3 year old son and I walked into the room with him and he instantly chose us. He layed his head in my son’s lap as soon as my son sat down. Then I asked his story. Willie ended up at the shelter due to loosing his owner to death an elderly man an noone to take him in. Wasn’t long I chose to be his foster to try him out. Two days went by sitting on my porch with Willie just hanging out he never once left my side. We left an signed paperwork I knew we were meant to be. Not only did me adopting him save his life little did he know he saved mine too. We needed each other. Still today after two years were inseparable, Willie rescued me just as much as I did him. He’s my best friend my hero. First time adopting and it was a life changing experience. Willie is my best friend my comfort and peace. Even tho I miss Sasha and he’s not her. He filled her shoes better than any other dog in the world.

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