Winston — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: HomeDog LA
Location: Castorland, New York

Winston is easily my best friend. Although he is not in law enforcement or a therapy dog he brings a smile to my face every day. He does everything with me including four wheeling, bike rides, motorcycle rides, hiking, kayaking, and cross country skiing. Last year he tore his ACL. What was suppose to be a simple procedure turned into an 8 month process of 3 ACL repairs. He was in a 1’x1’ cage for the 8 month duration and could only stand outside for short periods. He never once fought this, almost as though he understood that I wasn’t trying to punish him although I felt like I was. 8 months after the initial injury, he was able to start going on short walks. He could barely walk to our neighbors. He was resilient though and at 10 months after injury he hiked his first mountain again. Since that time, he has hiked 4 mountains, done two bike races, has gone cross country skiing, and continues to inspire me every day. He has more heart and determination then any other pet I know and this is why I nominate him as my hero dog.