Wolfenstein — Shelter

Location: paso robles, California

I had stage four Non Hodgkins lymphoma, given one month to live. My Fiencee recently passed of breast cancer. A few months later my best buddy of twelve years, (Olde English Bulldogge, Peewee) passed of cancer of his heart. Coming home after was to unbearably deafening quiet, I just couldn’t bare it. I needed hope, I needed life, I needed something beautiful. Through Angels With Me Rescue I found the most amazing new little buddy. He saved my soul. Nervous, scared, apprehensive he came home, wanting to be loved just not sure if it existed coming from the life he had previously lived. From being beaten, to being tagged on the next days kill list in a pound, to being in a shelter for over a year because he was so quiet. When I saw this little man, I fell in love and knew we were meant to save one another’s lives.

Daily we go on hikes and runs, his favorite! Up and down huge mountains. We work in joy together on his commands, so that no matter any situation I know he is safe. He’s helping dads heart heal by never ever leaving my side and every single day gently snuggling and making eye contact. Daddddd. Wolfenstein is an amazingly beautiful heart and gentle soul. An amazing nominated American Bulldogge that has helped save this mans life’s journey….