Xander — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Secondhand Hounds
Location: Enid, Oklahoma

Xander joined our lives 5 years ago. My soon to be husband and I were working different shifts and we had many burglaries and robberies in our neighborhood. I had a Golden Retriever, but she was not much of a deterrent. We went to the local shelter and found Xander. He was in isolation for kennel cough. We initially were told we couldn’t see him. After looking at other dogs we came back to Xander. They let us see him. Xander was very aggressive, especially towards men. He had scares on either sides of his shoulders, likely from abuse. We decided to adopt Xander. The day I was waiting to adopt Xander. He was barking & growling at everyone in the lobby. The shelter was hesitant to let me adopt him, saying he could be a liability risk. I had spent a few hours with Xander, I knew that I could work with him and build him up. They let me adopt him. It took my husband almost three months to really be able to play with him. I worked daily with him. Xander has become one of the best dogs I have ever had. He & my husband have become inseperable. In October 2015, we added a new addition to the family. When we brought our son home, we introduced him to the dogs. Xander absolutely feel in love with him. He would come over to our sons bed & check on him as he slept. Xander wanted to be near the baby every chance he could. Now, 2 years later, Xander continues to watch & love our son. Xander has changed our lives, teaching us about love & forgiveness.

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