Zanzibar — Shelter

Location: Steger, Illinois

So this big lovebug , Zanzibar, is officially a hero. I was working in the basement and I hear him barking…. not his usual bark, but a nervous, high pitched bark. I should’ve listened but kept working. After a few minutes I yelled up the basement stairs for him to be quiet, something he usually listens to. But his bark got louder and I realized he was at the top of the basement stairs (he is scared of the basement so that’s as far as he goes). No sound from our other dog….probably upstairs napping in the kids room. So I go upstairs, really annoyed….and he leads me to the back door where there is a baby not more than 18 months old standing in her socks at the edge of my yard….right next to the lake. When she saw me, she was scared, but not of the whining, tail wagging pitbull next to me, she had no fear. Zanzibar and I took her to the front and walked around the cul-de-sac with her for a good 10 minutes knocking on doors before her frantic mom came running out. They’re here visiting the baby’s grandpa who lives in the cul-de-sac and is on hospice. If not for the sweet, amazing, hero dog, it could’ve been a really horrible day for the little girl and her family. He was rescued from the shelter for a reason and continues to keep his eye on kids til this day!