Zelda — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Gunnar's Wheels
Location: Demotte, Indiana

I nominate my dog Zelda, she is my hero. She has no formal training as a therapy dog but has literally saved my life. I love all my dogs equally, have 3 rescue pitbulls, two handicapped and Zelda who was a gift from my husband. Without knowing at the time he gave me a true guardian angel that would watch over me when he was gone. She has always been at my side, she is silly, loves her turtle pool and playing ball but always an eye on me. When I’m sick with a migraine, never leaves. When tragedy struck my family 2 years ago, my husband of 39 years suffered a massive heart attack, in ICU and in 4 months passed away. Having no other family or children we were extremely close, the loss was unbearable. During his illness and ultimate passing my grief and despair was so overwhelming I was losing my grip on life and dying.. All my dogs comforted me but Zelda never left, When I was breaking down she would literally herd me into a chair, lay over me so I couldn’t get up, nudge and kiss me until I could calm myself. The bond is so pure and true she can tell just by my breathing if I need her to hold on to. He didn’t know at the time when he gave me this sweet little puppy that she would be my guardian angel after he was gone. She is almost human at times. She watches tv, loves taking selfies. She welcomed 2 very abused handicapped dogs into her home and is their role model. I can never repay her for saving my life giving me purpose to wake up in the morning. She will always be my hero