Zephyr’s Hope — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pets on Wheels
Location: Watertown, Connecticut

Zephyr is a double merle border collie. His breeder threw him aside at 4 weeks old and posted a picture of him on Facebook. Luckily we were able to find someone who could go get him and save his life. Zephyr was born deaf and blind in one one. He was not worth the breeders time as he would not bring in any money. Since coming into rescue Zephyr has become a Therapy dog. He has worked with children in the classroom to improve their reading. He has also been a part of a volunteer Ambulance association offering support to the volunteers. Last year Zephyr had to have his blind eye removed because of an infection. Nothing has slowed his enthusiasm for life and love of all. Zephyr will continue to help educate people about what great lives disabled animals can lead.