Zombie — Shelter

Location: Charlevoix, Michigan

I rescued Zombie in 2015 from her owners you were drug addicts and physically abused her. She was crated most of the day by them and did not set her paws on grass until she was one year old . Once I rescued her I had to teach her the simple things like how to walk on a leash and to socialize her with other animals and people. Over the 5 years she has been in my life she has come along way and has been such a blessing too me and we have really bonded and she is an amazing little girl so smart and has developed such a great personality and is very comical and easily good be a great entertainment dog. She is so loving and caring and has brought so much love and joy not only in my life but so many other people’s lives as well. We live in a small town in northern Michigan and she has become quite the celebrity in this community as most of the store owners welcome her in there stores and the customers really love her. She has changed my life as I have had some dark days over the last few years and she has been by my side the whole time comforting me and showing me love and protecting me and really has been the reason I’m still alive it’s because she has made me so happy and has given me a purpose. She knows how to cheer me up when I’m down and she shows me everyday just how much I matter to her. I say I rescued her but in reality she rescued me from a very lonely live where I had no one and she became my friend my family and my daughter. She is truly the love of my life