Zorba — Military

Location: North Richland Hills, Texas

Zorba is a retired Navy MWD. He has a degenerative arthritic condition in his lower spine. He retired in 2013 and immediately began stem-cell therapy. He had positive results for about a year. One morning in 2016 he could barely walk and I took him to the vet for what I thought would be the last time. The vet agreed it was time but asked if she could try something. Of course I agreed. She said she was having good results with CBD oil. I had not heard about CBD but immediately tried it. Within 24 hours Zorba was back on his feet. It’s been four years and the dosage has increased over time but he is still getting around and eating like a Lab. He’s 13 now and I know he won’t be around much longer. He served for seven years and he did it until he couldn’t. He was originally part of a group of dogs rescued from a warehouse in Chicago. A military contractor failed to deliver properly trained explosive detection K9’s to the Navy. When the Navy demanded the contractor turn over the dogs the contractor instead hid them in the warehouse. When the dogs were finally rescued two were dead from starvation and one died shortly after. The rest were in different stages of emaciation but recovered. Zorba and two others were sent to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. I became Zorba’s partner in 2011 until his retirement in 2013. He’s probably not what most would consider a hero but he is to me.