Zues — Shelter

Location: Pasadena, Maryland

I saved Zues from the shelter when he was 2 months old he is now the light of my life he’s my everything. I trained him myself and he’s been trained very well he’s a very good and well behaved dog a year after getting him I ended up Getting a Foster seizure dog who is now Zues best friend. I soon discovered shortly after getting Bentley who is my foster dog that Zues has a hidden talent he can tell when Bentley is gonna have a Seizure before he has it this became life saving for Bentley as he was having many seizures when he first got here without Zues we may not still have Bentley with us. Zues is amazing the most loving sweet loyal dog I could ever ask for and now he’s saved his Foster brother more than once. This shelter that had gotten returned to shelter by someone else before I adopted him that’s their loss I say cause Zues is just a beautiful soul. He’s now training to be my anxiety dog as well as a seizure dog . He’s an amazing dog and he’s all mine he loves everyone and al dogs he just wants to play with everyone I socialize him early and do lots of Playdates because he deserves to have fun and live his best life to and that’s all I want for him he deserves the very best and I spoil him. I don’t have a clue what Zues went through before I got him or what my foster dog went through but as long as they are mine they will have the best life I can give the and it’s what they both deserve I wish every dog could have that I wish I could adopt them all.