A Hero in the Making: Harley and Blankets Fur Beasties

April 6, 2015  


I started Blankets Fur Beasties in 2009, right before I turned 9 years old. I donated some of my old baby blankets to an animal shelter and wanted to keep donating to help the homeless animals. The idea is to help make them feel comfortable and taken care of while they wait to find their forever home. Shelter life can be scary, stressful, and lonely for the animals. I want them to feel less scared and lonely with my donated items. I ask individuals and businesses to donate food, toys and supplies, and then I take them to the shelters that I think can use the items the most.

I also try to share pictures of adoptable animals that I visit, to raise awareness for them. Other ways Blankets Fur Beasties helps shelter animals is by trying to advocate for humane education for all elementary aged school kids. Kids should know to be kind to animals, and a pet is not a throwaway toy. They are a living, feeling being.

Recently Blankets Fur Beasties has raised money to sponsor some URGENT dogs at a local shelter to save them from euthanasia. They are mostly of the pitbull type breed; I also advocate fair treatment for all breeds of dogs. I have been photographed with some pitbull dogs to try and show people that they aren’t a “scary” dog and that they should be judged by their individual temperament, and not judged by their breed. This way of thinking will save many dogs from being deemed unadoptable just because of their breed.

I have also sponsored a Siberian Husky from a rescue, and a Golden Retriever from a rescue, and helped a mastiff in a rescue by getting a Kuranda bed donated to him so he could have a nice bed to rest on while he was going through his heart worm treatment.

I plan to continue helping shelter animals in all these ways and any other new ways I can think of in the future. I hope my story will inspire others to want to help shelter animals, and to show them that even one person can make a positive difference in the world!