Where Are They Now: Agent Jerry Means and 2011 Arson Dog Sadie

April 6, 2015  


After participating in the 2011 Hero Dog Awards Sadie and I stayed extremely busy until her retirement in 2014. Thanks to the great support of State Farm Insurance and American Humane Association, we were able to complete the National Fire Dog Monument and place it in Washington, DC. What an awe-inspiring celebration that was, to create a monument dedicated to our nation’s working fire dogs. Hero Dog Sadie continued to participate in numerous public appearances including the Marie Osmond Show, and traveled to New York City to assist American Humane Association’s president, Dr. Robin Ganzert spread the word about the Hero Dog Awards. Immediately following Sadie’s well earned retirement in the spring of 2014 she was honored with the publication of her very own children’s book, Sadie: The Dog Who Finds The Evidence.

Immediately following Sadie’s retirement I was partnered with K-9 Riley. Riley is a three year old black Labrador Retriever from Indianapolis. Riley was initially trained as a guide dog, but due to his strong scent drive, he was sent to the State Farm Arson Dog training program in Maine. Riley has already investigated over 30 fires in Colorado, and is well aware that he has very big paws to fill. Riley even has his very own Facebook page, and he would love it if you visited!

This has been an incredible ride and Sadie, Riley, and I are absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so momentous. American Humane Association’s commitment to our nation’s children and animals is unparalleled. State Farm’s generosity to our communities is inspiring. My two pups and I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by both. Does it get better than this?!