K9'S For Cops Charity Partner

LAW ENFORCEMENT Dog Category Charity Partner

Website: www.k9s4cops.org

In the front lines of keeping families and communities safe, no team provides a more potent one-two punch than law enforcement officers partnered with K9s. Trained for specific tasks, these highly intelligent dogs stop criminals in the act, apprehend fleeing fugitives, confiscate illegal narcotics, and participate in search and rescue missions. They find cadavers, explosives, and are used in arson investigations. They have saved their partners lives, sometimes at the cost of their own.

Given the crime-fighting value of K9s, you may find it surprising to learn that, with budget cuts, law enforcement agencies across America are having a hard time funding the acquisition and training of K9s. Depending on their specialty, each K9 costs between $10,500 and $12,500. This cost is nominal in comparison to the millions of dollars in narcotic seizures and criminals that have been taken off the street. Crime does not discriminate and it happens in every zip code in America.

K9s4COPs provides an answer for this crisis. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation our goal is fill the gap by gifting trained K9s to agencies in need. Through an application process and quarterly review, we award K9s through our announcement,The K9 Roll Call. All agencies across the nation are invited to apply for a K9. As a nonprofit we are only able to accomplish this through generous donations from our supporters.

A K9’s job is to step in front of danger. K9s4COPs mission is to ensure that every school district and law enforcement officer in need of a K9 has one at their side, well trained and ready for action. Visit K9s4COPs.org to learn how to donate, sponsor or apply for a K9.