Addie — Service

Location: Prescott, Arizona

My dog Addie showed an affinity for detecting extreme anxiety and panic attacks from an early age . Using this , I trained her to respond to anxiety and PTSD episodes by alerting , nudging to remove the person from the situation, and finally laying on top of their feet or lap to cause calmness . What I did not imagine , was how she would save my mom’s life using this training and adapting to alert to an new medical issue, a life threatening one at that. My mom had gone through chemo and had been battling breast cancer .She developed a hiatal hernia , a common side effect to her chemo . One day she had surgery to fix this hernia. During her hospital stay after the procedure, she experienced a heart attack . She had little to no signs indicating a heart event , no loss of composure , no strained and painful animations, no jaw pain , only feeling uncomfortable. She was cleared 2 days later to return home and she did . I volunteered to stay with her , I brought my service dog Addie for me in case I needed to stay the night since my dad was driving my sister home in another town a few hours away . My mom was sleepy , of course, she just had a rough time at the hospital right ? As my mom fell asleep Addie suddenly jumped up and alerted to her. She wouldn’t leave her alone and kept waking her. I called 911 and sure enough , my mom was having another heart attack. The EMTs didn’t believe it as she was cracking jokes and talking just fine, but the heart monitor told the truth.

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