Aegon — Service

Location: Brimfield, Massachusetts

This year I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and my dog, Aegon, has become even more important to me and helps to maintain my sense of independence as I relearn that my tics and activities are in fact not harmful or disruptive, but key to how I experience the world.

My conditions are ever evolving and Aegon has been with me through it all. Earlier this year, while undergoing routine blood monitoring for several different levels and after undergoing an internal ultrasound that I had to be medicated for, I passed out in the chair while waiting for a second, more specialized phlebotomist. Right by my side, Aegon sprung in to action. I was told the next week while returning to have the blood drawn, that he noticed my state and left the lab area to get someone at reception. He led them back to me, where they discovered I was unresponsive and called for a crisis team. I came to a few moments later with doctors hovering around me, a nurse handing my dog off to a security officer, and a nurse holding an ice pack to the back of my neck. I was taken down to the ER immediately for observation.

It was the scariest day of my life and I am so glad that I had him in my life to see me through it and know what needed to be done.

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