Alfredo — Service

Location: Rockford, Illinois

He is a hero because he saves my life every day. He never shows weakness despite the toughest of situations. He loves me unconditionally. He is always the happiest dog, he keeps me happy through all the pain, through all the hospital visits, through all the hard times. He will risk his own safety to help me during a seizure. He is my dog and I am his person. His number one, his best friend, his mom. He was a neglected cast away dog stuck in a bad shelter. Everyone returned him but I saw the greatness he could be after searching for years for the perfect dog to train for my seizures. I took him home and taught him just how amazing he is. His training gave him confidence and pride. He very quickly became tied at my hip. Not because he had to be, but because he wanted to be. He’s my best friend and my savior. No matter where we go or what we do he always stays strong and confident knowing he has to keep me safe. Makes me cry just thinking of this as I type it. Makes my heart hurt knowing some day my biggest support won’t be by my side through every step of my life. I could never replace him. But maybe after he’s gone one day I can see him again over the rainbow. I wish I could tell him what he means to me, I do all the time even though he can’t understand. I give him the best life because he gives me mine. I hope to spend most of my life with him. He’s my lifeline, My savior, my hero.

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