Apollo — Service

Location: Elgin, South Carolina

Apollo is my life line. I never knew how much a service dog would mean to me, and I suffered too many long years before I came to admit how sick I was. I also had to bite back a bunch of pride when I realized how much I needed a service dog.

By pure luck, I came across a litter of pups from a local rescue. I went, to his foster mom’s house, and fell in love with him. He was so perfect. Right amount of cuddles and play. It took nearly 2 years of training, but I was happy to have people support me. The college I taught at, and many other places during his time learning public access skills. Further, all the trainers I worked with.

But, ever since the moment it was love at first sight, he has been by my side. He goes to school with me everyday as I teach HS math; oh he is such a great teacher’s aide. I love that everyday my students, former students, and students I have yet to have, say hello to me and him.

Everyday I am reminded of how sick I truly am. Without him and his medical alert abilities, I would be in the hospital continually for sepsis and sever ketodosis. Apollo is also by my side every Saturday when I do my SubQ treatments. He works so hard with his DPT skills, and makes sure if I need anything, he goes and grabs it for me.

Again, he is my life line. It is hard to be a women living alone with so many medical conditions, but Apollo makes sure I am safe and sound.

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