Audrey — Service

Location: Toms River, New Jersey

I am nominating Audrey because she is an exemplary service dog and while she contributes to my daily independence she also serves the community and goes above and beyond the normal work of a service dog with an extraordinary exuberance and genuine care for those around us. On any given day you might see Audrey helping me to educate the community on disability rights under the ADA law, or helping the homeless community by distributing supplies and helping them obtain shelter or other program benefits. Audrey has helped track down those hiding in the woods using her tracking skills, and also helps break the ice and gain the trust of those we find. Often I can tell whether the person is a veteran, as I too am a veteran and it just seems veterans can usually tell on sight another veteran, but Audrey can help point out those that perhaps I need to be more cautious about approaching and those that will be easier to approach. Audrey also helps the community by using her tracking skills to help find lost pets and on several occasions has tracked down humans who have become lost. (Several seniors with Alzheimer’s who left their home unnoticed and one child who wandered away at a park). When not tracking or helping the homeless, Audrey helps me train other service dogs for people, & travels with me, keeping me safe and reminding me when to take medication, as I do photography work. Audrey is truly a dog that deserves recognition for her commitment & extraordinary work ethic.

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