Ava — Shelter

Location: Sparta, Missouri

I am a US Marine Veteran who suffers from PTSD, and had just lost my unofficial emotional support dog of 13 years when Ava was placed in my path. I had vowed to never get close to another dog again and was in a very dark depression. This little girl, at just 10 weeks old, wasn’t having it! When the rescue first brought her to my house so we could meet, she ran right to me, jumped into my arms, and began licking me like crazy. The lady from the rescue was shocked as Ava was normally scared of strangers. She wouldn’t leave my side. It was clear that it was meant to be and I did a total reversal and adopted her on the spot. She quickly brought me out of my depression and gave me purpose again. Ironically she is a female Rottweiler mix just like the dog I lost and has many of the same mannerisms and quirks. It certainly leaves one to wonder. In any case, I guess you can say that we rescued each other that day. She certainly came to the aid of this old Marine and will forever in my eyes be an American Hero!

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