Axel — Therapy

Location: Manahawkin, New Jersey

Axel is the epitome of extraordinary canine hero. Certified Crisis Response Canine Axel provides first responders and health care workers on the frontline of human tragedies, broad furry shoulders upon which to rest their weary burdens.

These gentle moments allow for a moment of respite, he is able to break through steely exteriors to provide a unique, therapeutic bonding moment between canines and humans at their most vulnerable.

Axel serves as advocate for Critical Incident Stress Management to call out of the shadows and dispel the stigma as being seen as weak, those seeking help. He listens patiently, and provides a compassionate presence that allows for restorative encounters.

This past unprecedented year has taken a toll on these front line heroes and Axel has been there to support them and instill a sense of resilience. His visits are highly sought after and word had spread in the community of his gentle nature and unique ability to allow for moments of decompression.

Axel spent over 160 days rounding in hospitals interacting with staff and patients with his incomparable brand of healing. Over the holidays, he made rounds, handing out 48 dozen cookies with his image on them. He has gifted over 12 dozen stuffed Rottweilers. He was called upon to respond to 7 Mercury Team deployments, and 23 police, fire and EMS events, including tragically, suicides among their ranks. He is beloved by his community and with his sweet temperament his visits are transformational

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