Bagel Witek — Shelter

Location: Fox River Grove, Illinois

Bagel is an amazing dog who had a rough start. We adopted her when she was two and rescued her from the streets. She was timid, shy and just wanted to sit and be pet. Bagel had nightmares daily, crying in her sleep. She really did not know how to be a dog. Bagel could not fetch or play and was scared of other dogs when they approached her. If we had to correct her behavior (going in the garbage), she would close her eyes if we raised our voice. Bagel also did not speak or bark at all. With a lot of love and attention, Bagel is very different dog today. She is more confident and playful. She will look for her dog friends on walks and even fetches balls. All Bagel wants is love from anyone. She will sit by you for hours if you pet her. Since Bagel’s greatest joy is to be loved, we looked for ways she could share her love and happiness with others. Right before COVID, we began the process of getting Bagel qualified as a therapy dog. It’s not possible now, so instead, we started visiting people to share her joy. Due to lockdowns, we started posting pictures of Bagel to bring a smile to people who could not see her in person. The requests for Bagel’s photos grew beyond friends and family so we started her own social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) to share joy with people during lockdowns. With love and support, Bagel has come a long way as now she shares her love and joy with everyone she meets.

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