Baymax — Service

Location: Fairchild AFB, Washington

I believe my dog represents as a hero dog with the service dog category because he is truly going step by step and day by day to keep me safe and to make sure my life isn’t going. He is super smart and with him still in training but knowing how to fix problems helps a lot! I’m legally vision impaired in one eye and need him to help guide me especially when an episode is happening or is about to happen. He lets me know when I need to sit down and calm down and does his job with so much joy, I made the correct choice to pick him and train him as the service dog in training he is today! I believe he truly does save my life and I definitely trust him with it no matter what. He alerts to my blood sugar being too low, my heart rate getting too high, mild headaches, and my anxiety or depression spiking up. Without him I wouldn’t be able to live an independent life and I’m grateful for that.

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