Bella — Shelter

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

Bella has a horrible upbringing. Her breeder bred pit bulls to fight, and with this specific litter, he was ready to just let them all die. Bella has to fight her litter mates for her food and potty where she slept/ate. I got her when she was four months old. She has a very weakened immune system, and since I got her we have battled respiratory issues, corneal ulcers, fluid on the brain, heart murmurs, and most recently, cancer. She actually is the only surviving dog of her litter. Despite all of this, she is the most loving dog you’ll ever meet. She is very in tune with human emotions, and when someone is visibly upset, she rushes to their side and pushes herself into them to try and calm them down. Recently, my partner witnessed his brother be murdered and since then, Bella has been his unofficial therapy dog. When he has his PTSD episodes, she’s the only thing that can help calm him down. She has changed so many minds about the breed, mine included, as I was someone who was terrified of pit bulls before I rescued her. She does not let her health problems get her down. She has taught me about discrimination, perseverance, and to never judge a book by its cover. While it is true that I rescued her, she actually rescued me and came into my life when I needed a loyal companion the most. She is my hero.

Round 3 of voting for the 2020 Hero Dog Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement on Hallmark Channel in October.