Belle — Shelter

Location: Harlingen, Texas

Belle is a valuable and irreplaceable member of my family. She has proven herself to be the perfect representative of a Hero Dog to us through all of the challenges she has met head on and has overcome. A little over 4 years ago, she was rescued from the streets with her mother and 9 various siblings. At that time, we never knew how important one small puppy would become to us. At about 10 weeks of age, after four of her siblings had been adopted out to forever families, her and her remaining 5 siblings developed a parvovirus infection. Although three of the remaining siblings did not survive the virus, Belle and her brother fought long and hard to stay with us. In late 2016, Belle became a “therapy dog” to my grandmother, who was wheelchair bound and was in and out of nursing homes and hospitals all the time, and provided comfort when my grandmother’s own dog could not make it into the hospitals. Late in 2017, she put on her “nurse’s hat” and took on the duty of comforting, sleeping with, and caring for my late mother every day while she was going through chemotherapy and radiation for treatment of cancer. She mourned my mom’s passing with the rest of us. Today, she continues to comfort my dad and I when she sees that we need it(Photo taken just after hugging him). She still continues to sleep with, and care for my dad through his own chemotherapy treatments and post-surgery recoveries. She even alerts me when he needs my help. I am eternally grateful for my HERO dog.