Bo — Shelter

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

My dog’s name is Bo. He is 15 years of age. He was fostered for 6 months. We rescued him in September of 2011. His first owners were an older couple. Our family thinks he may have been over fed before he came to us. Having said that he was way too heavy for a dog his size. We started walking him. That helped him a lot. His first owners both passed eventually. One ended up in a nursing home at the time and the other ended up actually passing away. He had a step brother named Rennie. He ended up passing in 2015 from a tumor. They were really good together. Bo likes to sleep all day. He does have some health issues. He has an infection in his mouth. He also likes to eat snow. He will sit with his paws crossed in front of him and put his nose between. Our family thinks it’s absolutely one of the cutest things he does. We hope that he can live a little bit longer. He has made our lives complete. Our family has always loved dogs. My parents both grew up with dogs. May the best dog win and once again I’m excited to be able to share my dogs story.

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