Bogi — Military

Location: Kaneohe, Hawaii

Throughout my time attached to RMWD Bogi we searched countless packages, cars, rooms, baggage, and aircraft. We went on a lot of patrols, while also providing numerous over-watch’s and demonstrations. When I first was assigned to RMWD Bogi, she was still fairly new, and had a lot of deficiencies. To be completely honest, I was not happy I was assigned to her. However throughout the first couple months we created an unbreakable bond and our training progressed quickly. I know everyone says not to get attached to your MWD, but I was, as much as I tried not to be. I felt as if throughout my time assigned to her, I relied on her a lot for my happiness. I was not in a great mental state, due to being away from family, the loss of my grandfather, and other factors. However, whether it was on my off time, work time, or shift time, I would be with Bogi and it became a great escape. Almost instantaneously I realized that training with dogs was my passion and I loved every second of it. I spent countless hours creating a rapport with Bogi and we seemed to click well. Our personalities were identical. It was as if she knew when I was having a bad or good day, and vice versa. Regardless of what it was, I depended on her, like a best friend. She always put me in a better mood. She built my confidence as a handler and person. Her loyalty is rare, as if she was my own daughter. I am blessed to have her in my life, and never have her taken away from me again.

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