Boo — Shelter

Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Boo is a wonderful dog who has such a big heart. Boo was rescued from a puppy mill when he was young, he was rescued by the Oregon Humane Society. Sarah’s Grandfather adopted Boo and helped him adjust to people. When Sarah’s Grandfather went into an assisted living facility Boo came to live with Sarah and her husband Trevor. Once Boo moved into his new house he adjusted well and began to flourish. As a family they took dog training classes and learned about Boo’s abilities as well as building a strong relationship. Shortly after the classes Sarah learned that Boo helped to calm and focus her in stressful times and situations. Boo continually helps people and has also made a name for himself through social media. Through his Instagram page, he and Sarah have become apart of a larger community, supporting others and helping people to focus on lighter things in life as well as supporting people through difficult times. Through his Boodle Thoughts; Boo shares joy, laughter, kindness, and happiness in an ever-changing world.

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