Boomer — Service

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Boomer… you are more to us than a Service Dog; much more. You found us one cold March day as we waved good-bye to dear friends. At the farewell party, your foster parents approached us about you, commending you for your calm spirit and intuitive soul. Despite our convictions not to acquire an additional four-legged family member until our sweet 15 year old Ginger had passed, we just had to have a look!

What you didn’t know, was that your prospective owner, following a surgical procedure in 2016, had suffered 7 strokes, and was physically disabled. None of us could foretell that he would suffer an 8th stroke and a heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery in December 2019. Nonetheless, you stole our hearts that cold March day and changed your owner’s life forever.

Ginger lived another 2 months after your arrival, showing you everything you needed to know to care for your new master. You adapted beautifully to your new role as your owner’s Guide/Service dog. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) readily granted your certification of “Service Dog in Training.”

You are part German Shepherd/part Rottweiler, and ALL sturdy, stable muscle and grit! Your owner is physically unstable; 100% sober, he could never pass a sobriety test! He leans on you for support when he stumbles, and you get him back on his feet when he falls. During your owner’s recent health challenges, you never left his side! Boomer; a friend, a leader, and our hero!