Booth — Service

Location: Hauppauge, New York

Booth is a 4 year old Service Dog that alerts Me to anxiety and panic attacks and is able to lessen the severity of the attack or almost completely stop one from happening. I am also currently training him to alert Me to low blood sugars.I adopted Booth from a local shelter at 6 months old and trained him partly Myself as well as with the help from professional trainers. People may think Booth’s job is a simple one or maybe that he does not have hundreds of tasks…but the tasks he does for Me have been life changing! I can be so much more independent and function so much better in life thanks to him! For so long I tried so many different things to try and manage my crippling anxiety and thought I’d never find anything remotely helpful enough to help Me function in society, but Booth has proved Me wrong and I’m so glad! This sweet pup went from Shelter to Helper and I’m so thankful our paths crossed and we saved each other. I remember the night I brought him home. I sat in the back seat with him and he was laying on My lap so happy yet calm. I was so exited to start on My journey with Booth and training My first possible service dog. He was resting his head in My lap and I leaned down and whispered to him “I’ll take care of you and you’ll take care of Me, okay?” and just pet his head softly…it may sound cheesy or cliché but in that moment I just felt like I knew everything was going to be okay! And now this dog is My everyday Hero.

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