Bowen — Service

Location: Maryville, Tennessee

Bowen has been a God sent, Before Bowen I was angry all the time, I had anxiety issues from PTSD, my wife and daughter walked on egg shells around me, I could lose control at anytime.

Bowen helps me stay in control by distracting me, I have also had two knee surgeries and two ankle fusions. So additional I have issues picking stuff off the ground and going up and downs stairs,

Before Bowen I was ready to end it, Job issues ( having to visit HR due to my temper), always under high anxiety, not being able to complete easy day to day tasks, mind going a 100 miles an hour

Bowen helps me with those tasks, distracts me when I am getting worked up, and one of my favorite tasks is he keeps people from invading my personal space in line, all helps me through the day

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