Breezer — Service

Location: Hastings, Minnesota

Breezer was awarded to me this past July by Soldier’s 6, a non-profit organization that provides honorably discharged vets, Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT personnel with PTSD service dogs at no cost to the recipient. Breezer came to me after being fostered by the Minnesota Wild NHL hockey team for a year.

Since coming into my life, he has been absolutely critical to my fight with PTSD. He never wants to leave my side and wants nothing more than to be with me and help me. He has helped me with my irritability/mood swings and anxiety by reminding me that he is at my side, and licking my hand. He has helped me open up to people more because of his friendly demeanor and the fact that a lot of people know about him from his time with the Wild. While on the couch/recliner or bed, he is laying on my lap, ready to lick my hand when I need it. He means everything to me, and I can see that I mean everything to him. I cannot imagine my life without him. It was a match made in heaven in my opinion and he is my hero. I sincerely hope that you will consider him as a “hero dog” because he deserves it and would be a great ambassador for the award. Thank you

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