Brody — Therapy

Location: Canton, Ohio

This is Brody and he is a therapy dog who loves his job. Brody has been visiting at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, businesses and anywhere he is asked to come. Brody has a love for making people happy. His tail never stops wagging and he is always smiling. Brody is a wonderful distraction that helps clients think and talk about happy times in their life and helps them forget the sad moments they are currently dealing with. Brody does a couple of special tricks that always bring on the laughs and smiles. He hands out his business card to everyone he meets so they never forget him. He also gives hugs to all the students he meets. He will put his paws on the chair and lay his head on the students shoulder. Brody brings me so much love and joy and makes me so proud that I can share his love with so many.

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