Bruin — Shelter

Location: Greenville, New Hampshire

Bruin was a stray baby puppy with 2 sisters, in Puerto Rico. He was missing a lot of fur, and has scars on his underneath part of his body, that is believed to be from puppy dragging. He was so scared and not sure what was happening when we adopted him. He got attached to me, quickly… But took months for him to trust my husband. We adopted, Bruin, at 3 months old… And he will be a year in May. But in the short time we have had him… He has grown in size and confidence! He does not cower anymore, when people are around. He goes into the pet supply shops, and will greet new dogs… That he was too scared to do, prior. He has been so brave by breaking out of his shell; and trusting me, enough to show him that different life situations, are safe and okay! He use to tremble from fear of noises and quick movements, but has come so far!! He has been a joy to train… As you can see in the picture, he sits perfect! He’s a perfect example of how a rescue dog can thrive, if given a fair chance; and has someone willing to give the time.

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