Brutus — Shelter

Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

One day I was running down a rural road when I heard the cry of dogs outside of an abandoned house & found 7 dogs crying for help.
I rushed them to the vet. Luckily, I was working as a Vet Tech at the time and knew what to do. All pups were adopted out except for the one special boy that became my Brutus. This was the beginning of Brutus’ ambassadorship of Pit Bull Adventures Inc. He became the poster boy for rescue. I began to write stories from the magical way that Brutus is able to find dogs in need of rescue.
Brutus and I’d run together and find dogs in need of help. We’d bring them home and care for them as family. Our house was known as the one that took helpless dogs in. One of the dogs Brutus found was an abandoned spaniel. With appropriate vet care and Brutus’ love, the spaniel lived out her remaining days with Brutus.
Brutus is always making friends when he is out. Once while walking Brutus met a rooster. It seems a very unlikely friendship but Brutus & the rooster defied common sense and became fast friends. Even the hens would greet Brutus each morning as though they knew to include him as family. Birds & turtles Brutus encountered were not alarmed either as if they knew he would never hurt them.
One day we were on top of the park Observation Deck when Brutus began to howl towards an island where there was a small white dog who had been missing for 7 days. After a 3 ½ hr rescue Oliver was reunited with his owner because Brutus was listening.

Round 3 of voting for the 2020 Hero Dog Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement on Hallmark Channel in October.