Bryson Ruiz — Shelter

Location: Almond, North Carolina

Bryson was saved from a high kill shelter in Tampa, Fla. with a severe case of Parvo! He was set to be put down the very next day, and after seeing this poor sick baby, I knew, I had to try and save him! He was so skinny, shaking, throwing up and was the saddest rescue, I had ever seen! The shelter had named him Beavis, and told me he was retarded, and it wouldn’t be in my best interest to adopt him! Needless to say, I didn’t care what they said, and adopted him anyway. I took him straight to a vet, and was told, there is nothing they can do! I was heartbroken, but determined, to save this baby! I started him on antibiotics I had, started tube feeding him three times a day, physically taking him out to potty, putting him in warm bath water everyday, and within three months, he was eating and doing things on his own! God answered my prayers! Brysons care for the next two years was still a challenge, and very expensive! I had to make his food, still tube feed him once a day, and keep him with me 24/7. Bryson is now healthy, happy, and so, so, grateful! I take him every where I go, and he’s become everyone’s Bryson! I tell everyone, that Bryson saved me, not the other way around! The Love and Joy he has brought to my life is irreplaceable! He definitely went through a lot, but with Lots of Love, perseverance, patience and time, he survived, and so did I! He’s my Hero…..

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