Bubbi — Shelter

Location: Atco, New Jersey

His fur was stained yellow, skin scalded from urine, skin stretched taut over his ribs, eyes devoid of hope – it was clear upon meeting Bubbi that this senior had endured months of starvation and abuse. We decided to foster Bubbi in honor of our precious pit bull that we lost 2 months prior very unexpectantly. We were not ready to fully open our hearts yet since we were still grieving.

When he came to our home, we were shocked that he did not know commands and was wary of human affection. Many objects and sounds scared him. Bubbi would often bring his food into his crate as if to ensure it would not be taken. Over the next few weeks, as we helped Bubbi learn to trust and accept love, he helped our hearts heal with his gentle nature. It was then that we knew we would be Bubbi’s forever home. Over time, we noticed Bubbi was drawn to people and dogs that needed encouragement. One example is his dedication to helping his dog friend, Boomer, who has multiple medical issues, including Cushing disease, arthritis, and torn ligaments. Bubbi became attached to Boomer when Boomer was suffering from depression and had not eaten or left his bed in 3 days. Since then, Bubbi insists on stopping by Boomer’s house to bring him on his daily walk. When Boomer first started walking, he could barely walk 1 minute without stopping. Now, he is able to walk for 20 minutes and has gotten his spunky personality back.

We believe Bubbi is a perfect example of the impact that a shelter dog can make.

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