Buddy — Shelter

Location: Brockton, Massachusetts

Buddy’s first act of heroism occurred when he was about a year old. My wife was very sick with bronchitis and asthma. While seated in the living room she passed out after a coughing fit, and was awakened by his tongue licking her eyes.

A few years later we took in a homeless lady who had recently lost her significant other suddenly. Buddy was instrumental in easing her pain and pulling her out of a deep depression. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he was devoted to her until her death last year.

Before arthritis made it too difficult to climb in the car, he rode just about everywhere with my wife and I and became very popular around our city.

His latest heroic act involved our elderly neighbor. She frequently brings him dog biscuits while he’s tied up outside, and on one occasion lost her balance and fell. When Buddy saw that she needed help getting up, he barked to alert my wife who promptly went out to help.

Buddy also protects our yard from other animals, and barks whenever someone rings the bell or knocks. But he loves when the kids come trick or treating.

He’s been a very close family member for the past 10 1/2 years to us and our cats.

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