Buddy — Service

Location: Clintonville, Wisconsin

Buddy lived on the streets as a feral dog until he was about 6 months old. He was picked up by a shelter and adopted out to a family who had another dog. The family couldn’t handle him to have him up for free. I contacted them and went to meet buddy. He was scared and so thin. I contacted the shelter and they sent me a picture of when he was in the shelter. He was a good weight and had no injuries or scars on him. When I picked him up from the home he was very thin and had a scar across him muzzle like something was tied around his muzzle. He had bite wounds on his face and muzzle and on his legs that were healing up. He had missing hair around his eyes. On the drive home he looked defeated and broken. When I got him home he was so scared and refused to leave my side. We took him to the vet and got him the medical care he needed. We started his training and he showed huge potential to be a service dog. He acted like nothing happened to him in the past. He was excelling in his training. About a month of owning buddy he started alerting to my epilepsy which is a life saver. He is continuing his training to be a life saving service dog for my disabilities and hope for people to understand that with enough love and patience any dog can overcome their past.

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