Buddy Holly — Therapy

Location: Floydada, Texas

My name is Buddy Holly and my mom says I am the world’s greatest therapy dog. Not only am I a therapy dog, i also belong to two doggie dancing groups and we visit nursing homes, hospitals and schools showing off our talents. My buddy, Hot Rod, and i love to visit school every week and put smiles on teachers and students faces. You might find me reading with the kids, or sometimes we play doggy bingo. I have a human girlfriend in the surgical ICU at one of hospitals, and when I visit she likes to take me from room to room showing me off making patients and staff smile. One time, the nurses left a patient in the hallway while visiting with the therapy dogs, oops On one visit to a hospital I visited a lady who had MS. She was not able to move her arms and hadn’t made any movement in quite some time, but when my mom put me on on her chest and helped her pet me, a little tear rolled out of the corner of her eye. One of my favorite places to visit is the Children’s Hospital. I love making the children and staff smile. Sometimes the staff needs us as bad, or more than the patients. One time I helped a little boy walk down the hall who had just had brain surgery. The therapist asked me if i could help him walk because they were unable to get him to go with them. I also had a special little friend with cancer. Sometimes I can be found riding with mom to the store or visiting and dancing with my friend BreeZ. I love my life and making others happy. Oh the power of animals!

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