Bug — Therapy

Location: Cape Coral, Florida

I would like to nominate Bug as Hero Therapy Dog. The past few years, Bug has done so much for animals and people. Our story started in 2016 when I traveled to the Guide Dog Foundation to get her. She was so full of spunk and love. She was ready to begin our journey together as a team. We worked together for a few years and Bug being the diva that she is decided this career was not what she wanted and officially retired in 2018. She loved being with me but having to ignore people was just too difficult for her. She is a lover and her little heart could not bear to ignore those wanting to say hi to her. In 2019 Bug became certified in Therapy Dog Work. She absolutely loves this career more than anything. She has attended therapy groups with individuals adjusting to new vision loss and would seek out those that showed signs of stress or became upset. We spend every Friday with special needs children that she adores and always wants to kiss. She also works Monday through Thursday with shy and fearful dogs to help rehabilitate them. She has helped a variety of people and dogs feel loved and feel they have support. Being a Therapy Dog was the dream she never dreamed would happen.

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